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The most difficult question for most people is, "Why can't I find a comfortable pair of shoes that I like?" On the surface, it would seem to be an easy question to answer. Try on a pair of shoes in your size, walk around for a bit, and if it feels okay, buy them. Not so fast! How many times have you bought a pair of shoes that felt okay in the store only to discover that after wearing them for any length of time, they are uncomfortable? You can't wait to get them off your feet and you're upset that you wasted your hard earned money on them. Sound familiar?
Bruce Benedict, Owner - Hicksville, New York - The Shoe Store for Problem Feet
Buying comfortable shoes will always be a difficult undertaking for a large segment of the population. We're going to try and help by taking shoe shopping to another level. If you are a big person, you probably wouldn't be buying a compact car. The same goes for clothing and shoes. Yes, size is important, but with shoes, there are a number of other important considerations, and #1 on the list is shape. Not only the shape of the shoes, but the shape of your feet as well.
If you remember anything on your shoe buying trips, it should be that your foot shape and the style of the shoes you are considering must be compatible. Your feet and shoes need to be happily married or they'll be filing for divorce from one another.
If you have feet with long straight toes, don't buy shoes with short or round fronts. Find shoes with longer sleeker fronts (vamps). Similarly, if you've got shorter toes, the shoes with rounder or even squarer vamps will usually be more comfortable.
Anyone who has a problem finding comfortable shoes should seek help from a reputable store that always puts their customer's needs first, as we always do. So call or stop by—you'll be glad you did!
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